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We've hidden two Geocaches in Stamford and Rutland. Find them, email us the code inside and we'll enter you into our prize draw.

There is a pair of Hunter wellies up for grabs courtesy of Barnack Country Clothes. This Geocache is hidden in Burghley Park. To find it you need to track down the 'BEAUTIFUL BURGHLEY' Geocache.

There is also a £50 Cavells of Oakham voucher to be won. This Geocache is hidden at Rutland Water, near Normanton. To find this Geocache you need to look for 'THE GIANT RESERVOIR' Geocache.

How do I find them?

You'll need to get onto www.geocaching.com to find the coordinates. Search for by entering the Geocache name into the search box. Or download the www.geocaching.com app and then when you're nearby search for them. You can get 3 free searches on the free app so that should be plenty…unless you get the bug and want to search for more!!

Happy hunting!

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