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Editor's Letter

I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT I ALWAYS approach Christmas with some trepidation, not least because it is by far the busiest, most gluttonous couple of weeks of the year.

That’s probably my own fault, as we end up having to drive from here to Wiltshire, back for a couple of days and then head to Cornwall, and then come back again. I do more miles over the festive period than a Yodel delivery driver.

And in between those long car journeys, we sit at people’s houses, having very large meals, then sit in people’s living rooms, digesting those very large meals (and possibly washing it all down with quite a few drinks).

So usually by New Year, I’m climbing precipitous trails in on the north Cornwall coastline, blowing like a steam engine with a faulty gasket. It’s not a good state to be in.

This year, I plan to defeat this sad state of aff airs before it can even take hold. A pre-seasonal diet of gut-friendly foods, a spot of HIITing and a campaign of morning and evening dog walking that should see even my two usually game labradors rolling their eyes in anguish at the thought of another enforced high speed march.

Then, when the partying (and sitting, and eating) come around, I shall be in peak condition to perform at my absolute best. That’s the kind of committed professional I am.

Have a great Christmas and New year, and enjoy the issue.

Thanks, Steve

Enjoy the issue

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