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Editor's Letter

HERE COMES AUTUMN, THE BEST SEASON of the year bar none. Yes, I’m slightly biased and possibly there’s some inherent calling to the months of leaves falling as I was born in it, but there is no doubt it outranks miserable winter, random spring and unfulfilled summer for a number of reasons. Here are a few:

It always delivers on its promise.
More than any other season, autumn always performs. The leaves always turn a majestic colour, the sun always shines with that golden glow and the mornings are always crisp and energising. Winter is grey, a good summer turns up once a decade and spring is just all over the place, invading winter and giving us forlorn hope of a wonderful summer to come while sometimes rudely reappearing in about June. You never get that with autumn.

The football and rugby seasons start.
As much as I love the cricket season, it’s the start of the rugby and football seasons that’s really exciting. It used to be easy: Tigers would start autumn trying to work out how much bigger to make the trophy cabinet for the season ahead. Now it’s a little less ambitious. Just one would do, but a day at Welford Road is still one of life’s great pleasures, even if the results aren’t quite as spectacular.

Roast dinners and walks.
Barbecues and chilled Chablis are great, but there are very few things as fine in life as a walk through the countryside under a bedding of leaves with the dogs in tow, in the knowledge that there’s a slab of roast beef in the oven and a fabulous bottle of claret breathing on the table. Middle England at its very finest.

The kids go back to school.
It’s great to have them at home for the holidays, but who doesn’t breathe a little sigh of relief when they are packaged back up in their uniforms and they are kept occupied for the majority of their day by a professional?

So there you have it: definitive proof that you should embrace the new season wholeheartedly.

Thanks, Steve

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